GET INVOLVED – Volunteer for The Montreal Millennium Summit



The Montreal Millennium Summit is a prestigious international conference that brings together leaders in development from government, civil society and academia.

The Millennium Summit is the brainchild of Daniel Germain, founder of the Club des petits déjeuners du Québec (Quebec Breakfast Club), and of the Breakfast Clubs of Canada, organizations that offers nutritious breakfasts to more than 200 000 children across Canada before going to class.

The Summit has several objectives:

Inform individuals of the Millennium Development Goals and the importance of international development

Create a forum for exchange, discussion and decision-making for key players in international development

Spotlight the work of organizations and individuals who strive to improve quality of life around the world

Inspire and prepare the next generation of heroes who, through their actions, can contribute to sustainable development

Establish a worldwide network of exchange and cooperation